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Corey Stern
Corey Stern

Corey Stern is a User Experience Designer and Strategist who thrives on engaging audiences with meaningful and memorable experiences that provide measurable business results.

For two decades, Corey has been creating engaging interactive media and creator of the CUBI User Experience Model. He has implemented design solutions for agency, enterprise, and a variety of Fortune 500 clients including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Verizon, Western Union, AT&T, ExxonMobil, and others.

Corey is client-focused, goal-focused and dedicated to creating innovative digital experiences that drive behavior change, track performance, motivate, inspire, and move people to action.

He has serviced international telecommunications, retail, agriculture, energy, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, entertainment, and technology companies as well as startups and non-profit organizations. He had the privilege to collaborate with creative directors, solutions engineers, developers, content strategists, writers, and others to create a variety of digital experiences including custom mobile apps, software, games, kiosks, and marketing websites.

His areas of expertise include engagement strategy and consulting, user experience design, user-centered design, research, usability testing, information architecture, content strategy, interactive design, prototyping, art direction, creative direction, brand identity, and visual design.

In 2014 Corey had created the CUBI UX Model ( which defines the components of effective user experiences. The model was featured in UX Magazine ( and widely shared across social media, and has been translated by others in Korean, French, Russian, Persian, Vietnamese, Czech and Chinese. Corey's articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, UX Magazine, and and has been a guest speaker at UXPA as well as other panel discussions on digital design.

Corey has previously worked as an Interactive Art Director at BI WORLDWIDE, Lead Web Designer at Golf Galaxy, Media Artist at Allen Interactions, College Instructor at the Miami Ad School and Brainco. Corey is a graduate of Academy College in Minneapolis, Minnesota with an Associates Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design.

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Special Thanks to...

UX Magazine for featuring the original CUBI UX Model on their website in September 2014.

Special thanks the group of UX nerds at The Nerdery who helped peer review the article and model:
UX Manager, Brian Rowe - @izzy_monkey
Senior Content Strategist, Megan Casey - @meghscase
Principle UX Designer, Emily Schmittler - Website
Director of UX Designer, Fred Beecher - @fred_beecher
Principle UX Designer, Jacob Ward - @JakeWard
Principle UX Designer, Christopher Stephan - Website @christephan

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