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Action Cycle

When businesses provide systems for users to interact with, there are generally four process steps to consider within the CUBI UX Model to create an Action Cycle.

The intersection between business goals and content is Attraction. Every experience will have initial touchpoints to engage users.

Users react to these communications and quickly decide if it's something useful to them.

The reaction can motivate users to take action to fulfill a goal or perform a task. This could be prompted from a call to action, trigger, task list, dashboard or by other means.

User actions then translate into business transactions. The types of transactions may include purchases, providing ratings on products or services, or other direct interactions with the business.

The CUBI Outer Ring

Once the CUBI Model was developed, I made the observation that user experience disciplines, tasks, and methods matched with the major components on the model forming a structured outer ring. This ring helps indicate the potential tasks and efforts required to execute on the strategy. It doesn't have to be daunting or disorderly.

Please note that there are too many user experience disciplines and tasks to incorporate on this diagram.

Download the CUBI User Experience Model (High-resolution JPG)

For example, content development can potentially require content strategy, subject matter expertise, and information architecture. To identify user goals it may require user research methods such as surveys, contextual inquiry, interviews, and usability testing.


After months of research, peer reviews and study, I hope designers, developers, and clients will find this an invaluable framework for your projects. Whether it's a mobile game, software platform, or marketing website, engagement requires strategy and effective execution.

We welcome your thoughts and input on the CUBI UX Model. We also encourage you to share this article with others to get their feedback.

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