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Experience Factors

Effective user experience is more than just the simple usability of a product. There are at least four primary factors for effective experiences within the CUBI UX Model.

1) Branded Experience
A brand experience is not simply the visual identity. It's the tonality and totality of the entire brand experience for a customer at any touchpoint. Any experience a user has with the business is a brand experience, whether it's reviewing product information online, receiving live support from a call center, opening product packaging, or learning about the product or service from friends.

The brand experience should also convey to users that it's credible, reliable, reputable, and that the company delivers on their promises. Brand communications and transactions can make or break brand loyalty.

2) Comprehensive Experience
A comprehensive experience is one that is both
comprehendible and extensive.

A comprehendible experience is understandable, clear, uncluttered, properly labeled, scannable, organized, categorized, and lacks ambiguity. If there is an inordinate amount of corporate lingo, jargon, slang, or the messaging is not relatable, the experience may not resonate with users.

An extensive experience provides users with a sense of completeness. Missing content can leave users unfulfilled. For example, if users don't have enough information about company offerings on a homepage or within other pages, people may leave the site or delete the app.

3) Useful Experience
A useful experience satisfies user needs, makes them feel empowered or productive, and helps them efficiently achieve their end goals. This can be measured by their changes in behaviors, actions, performance or by other tangible means.

4) Usable Experience
A usable experience is easy to use, intuitive, findable, learnable, legible, consistent, and provides prompts and feedback to communicate their progress in a system or process. Usable experiences also:
- Allow for forgiveness by allowing users to correct mistakes
- Provide accessibility for those with impairments
- Functionally work on the targeted devices and browsers

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